Sunday, February 15, 2009

Show #003

DISC OF THE WEEK: Ghäst / Rape-X - Split CD
Ghäst returns, with another split, this time with the band Rape-X.
On this CD two long tracks of their unique funeral doom-nioise


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"There Is Always The Thrill Of Just Beginning" by Pan*American from White Bird Release (Kranky)

"Street" by Yellow6 from When The Leaves Fall Like Snow (Make Mine Music)

"Untitled 4" by Whisper Room from Birch White (Elevation Recordings)

"Blackhunter" by Thisquietarmy from Blackhaunter (Elevation Recordings)

"Kundalini Tremolos" by Faust from C'est Com Com Complique (Bureau B)

"Ant 10" by Boredoms from Super Roots 10

"Aerosol" by Sonic Youth from Sensational Fix (Walther Konig)

"The Urge To Participate In Butchery" by Gnaw Their Tongues from An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood (Crucial Blast)

"Civil Servant: I The Cop" by Rape-X from Split Ghäst / Rape-X (Obskure Sombre Records)

"Tetanos" by Ghäst from Split Ghäst / Rape-X (Obskure Sombre Records)

"Hate Crystal" by Wolves In The Throne Room from Malevolent Grain 12" (Southern Lord)

"VI" by Animus from Hallucinations: Ideals Surrounding Water, Sand, and Clouds of Dust (Ars Magna Recordings)

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