Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Show #002

DISC OF THE WEEK: KTL - IV (Edtions Mego)
Probably an instant classic for all Sunn0)) core fans. The 3 first
releases were great, but this one could be one of our favorite.


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"Goat Pussy" by I.U.D. from Dead Womb 7" (The Social Registry)

"Yankee Psychic Hygine" by Elisa Ambrogio & Axolotl 7" (Spirit Of Orr)

"Bear Bell" by Koen Holtkamp from Field Rituals (Type Records)

"A New Vipassana" by Valerio Cosi from Heavy Electronic Pacific Loop (Digitalis Recordings)

"Coal Seams" by Of from Rocks Will Open (Digitalis Recordings)

"Lysergic Sunrise" by Expo '70 from Black Ohms (Beta-lactam Ring Records)

"Cloud Chamber Part 2" by Boris & Michio Kurihara from Cloud Chamber (Pedal Records)

"Paratrooper" by KTL from IV (Editions Mego)

"Shamelessly I Went Around" by Hammemit from Spires Over The Burial Womb (Total Holocaust Records)

"Behind These Eyes" by Emit from Abortions (Autumn Wind Productions)

"By this Axe I Rule" by Dead Reptile Shrine from N.T.K (Antihumanism Records)

"De Bollaf!" by Alkerdeel from De Bollaf! (Universal Tongue)

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