Sunday, August 16, 2009

Show #012

Gog - Mist From The Random More (Utech)
Another fantastic record from Utech Recods.


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"Untitled 7" by Ulaan Khol from I (Soft Abuse)

"Cult Electric Annihilation" by Wet Hair from Dream (Not Not Fun Records)

"Into Dhyanna" by Lamp Of The Universe from Acid Mantra (Astral Projection)

"Veil" by Pocahaunted from Passage (Troubleman Unlimited)

"Final Frontier" by Envenomist from The Helix (Killer Pimp)

"Bloodlust" by Blood Money from Blood Brotherhood (Killer Pimp)

"Kali" by Bardo Pond from Gazing At Shilla (Important)

"The End" by Headdress from Lunes (No Quarter)

"Mist From The Random More" by Gog from Mist From The Random More (Utech)

"Untitled 2" by Potop from Channels (Iron Pig Records)

"Origin Of Man" by Ash Pool from Saturns Slave (Hospital Productions)

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