Friday, July 3, 2009

Show #010

- Motorsleep (Alien8)
Metal meets shoegaze.


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"Pea" by Nadja from When I See the Sun Always Shines on TV (The End Records)

"Avalanche" by Hateful Abandon from Famine (or Into the Bellies of Worms) (Todestrieb Records)

"Taqasim For Omar" by Sir Richard Bishop from The Freak Of Araby (Drag City)

"Cross" by James Blackshaw from The Glass Bead Game (Young God)

"With Bows Bent" by Aun from Motorsleep (Alien8)

"Keep an Eye Out" by Stephen O'Malley from Keep an Eye Out (Table Of The Elements)

"III" by Lokrum from John Locke experiencies (Self Released)

"Masani" by Nordvargr from For The Blood Is The Life (Old Europa Cafe)

"Pretending Alive" by Wolf Eyes from Always Wrong (Hospital Productions)

"Untitled V" by Sick Llama from Blue Syrup Dreams (Fag Tapes)

"Borre Fen/Untitled" by Blue Sabbath Black Cheer from Crows Eat The Eyes From The Leviathans Carcass (Release The Bats)

"I" by Habsyll from MMVIII (Tumult)

"IV" by Azrael Rising from Azrael Rising (Primitive Reaction)

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