Sunday, May 10, 2009

Show #007

Astral Social Club - Octuplex (VHF Records)
Loops, noise, electronica, hard to define,
but this electro-noise music is highly recommended!


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"Parson" by Gala Drop from Gala Drop (GDRecords)

"Energy For Dead Plants" by Alexander Tucker from Portal (ATP Recordings)

"Pilgrim Sunburst" by Astral Social Club from Octuplex (VHF Records)

"Arboreal Lace" by Elm from Bxogonoas (Digitalis Limited)

"Sunkissed Ladymoon" by Wo0 from With The Flowered Minds (Phantom Channel)

"Primal" by Lustmord from The Dark Places Of The Earth (Vaultworks)

"Underwater Hibernation" by Fotled from Skuldra (Self Released)

"Aloeswood" by Rod Modell from Incense & Blacklight (Plop)

"Animals Act Natural" by The Hospitals from Hairdryer Peace (Self Released)

"Discombulated By Blasphemy" by Behemothaur from Necroglacial Enema (Faunasabbatha)

"The Hawk Of Achill" by Harvestman from In A Dark Tongue (Neurot)

"Silver Pavilion" by Bardo Pond from Peri (Three Lobed Recordings)

"Through The Collapse: Watchers Restrained" by Altar Of Plagues from White Tomb (Profound Lore)

"A la mortaille!" by Peste Noire from Ballade cuntre lo Anemi francor (De Profundis)

"Obsidian" by Zu from Carboniferous (Ipecac)

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